Monday, May 11, 2009


I have been ill for quite some time. Thankfully my health is making a comeback! Currently I have been following the Plain diet, drinking mineral water, along with bottled water.
Here are a few helpful tricks and historically old methods of healing the body back to health.

1. Burning dried Rosemary.
During WWII the French would burn rosemary in hospital's sick chambers to get rid or germs and musky smells, while pagans burned the herb to rid of negative spirits. The Chinese believed that inhaling the smoke would cure boredom and strengthen a students focus when studying.

2. Eating plenty of garlic.
Considered as the herbal wonder drug it is the perfect veggie for herbal detox or ridding the body of a cold or flu. Modern medicine has deemed garlic as the strongest natural anti-biotic. But beware garlic is very strong and can cause irritation or even damage to the digestion tract.

3. Mineral water (carbonated water)
This fizzy drink is ideal for stomach problems. Carbonated
water is known to kill bacteria which may cause infections
or stomach complications. It is ideal when sick or when
traveling abroad to neutralize the stomach or rid it of germs.
Otherwise always stick with basic still water.

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